A beautiful review on rockit!

Thanks to Rockit.it for this beautiful review of our upcoming album Pockets.

“… we like goldfish in a glass bowl, we occupy a small space and everything out there looks huge, dilated, better. The sound full of electronics that never stays on the surface, which draws loves, fears, with a wise hand, in a place where the sun never shines intense, where wins are just a memory or a goal too far away, where the stories are interrupted, they change and live the moment of afterthought..”

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Watch “Her” video on Rockit.it

On exclusive for Rockit our brand new video of the song “HER” from our new upcoming album “Pockets”!
This is a very special track and it’s very exciting for us!
A very special thanks to Woodstock & Selenis our two portuguese friends who directed this heartfelt and wonderful video that accompanies the piece and shared emotions with us!
Thanks to Rockit.it for the support and the sharing!
Let us know what you think and, if you liked send it to someone!